We are thrilled to share that EarthKosher obtained a partnership with Etimad Halal over the past few years to make the kosher and Halal certification process seamless and simultaneous. The fit is perfect, as “many are aware that Halal and Kashrut laws intersect and overlap, but few understand that a Kosher food item is eligible to be Halal” (Etimad Halal, Vision & Values). The most crucial similarity is both agencies strive for a certification that is affordable and internationally accepted.

What does Etimad Halal Mean?

Etimad is Arabic for accreditation, certification and reliance. We follow a unique approach of consulting with manufacturers and their current certification bodies to establish a clear picture of Halal requirements. This process eliminates the overlapping costs of site inspection and audit visits, and also saves manufacturers the valuable time needed to obtain information about your product and manufacturing facility. With more than a decade of experience in the Halal market, we have today built an extensive network of certification experts around the world allowing us to offer timely and cost-effective service worldwide.

— Etimad Halal

Our mission at EarthKosher is to provide reliable and affordable kosher certification to both the natural food industry and standard packaging companies. We are here to make kosher certification understandable, obtainable and profitable for your company. Our dedication to straightforward business practices and compassion for small businesses is why we are trusted by 600+ companies worldwide. We provide accepted kosher certification and offer our unique, joint programs for non-GMO, paleo, and vegan certification in over 45 countries.

Please reach out to learn about our unique seven-step kosher certification process and our dedication to approved and cost-efficient Halal certification.