If you’re choosing between kosher organizations there are some common questions that arise, and a few you may not have considered. We’ll do our best to unpack the questions, provide clear answers and help you along the path to kosher certification which may seem confusing at first, but doesn’t need to be.

What will Kosher Certification Cost?

Kosher certification agencies generally don’t provide a one-size-fits-all pricing, and there is a reason for that. Each individual kosher certification project is a little different and the final cost depends on how complicated your supply chain and manufacturing processes are. For example, if you sell apples the process is more simple than if you sell apple pies. Apple pies have more ingredients and far more steps to complete between the orchard and the customer.

However, there is one guideline we can share with prospective clients: EarthKosher a smaller, more nimble kosher certification agency and that means shorter certification times, less bureaucracy, and lower costs. We pride ourselves on being responsive and offering quick, clear communication to help you through the process.

How Long Does Kosher Certification Take?

Again, there is variation from project to project but in general, the process can be completed in 90 days or less. The timeline is largely dependent on how complete and how clear the documentation from your suppliers and manufacturing partners is. If you’ve kept good records and all your partners are ready to help, we can complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Do Kosher Symbols Matter?

The short answer is yes, the kosher symbol on your products does matter. However, unlike a ‘USDA Inspected’ logo, there is more than one kosher certification agency in the market, and more than one kosher symbol which is acceptable to customers–both for customers who keep kosher and those who are just interested in food purity.

Our suggestion to potential clients is that they choose their kosher certification partner both on how well accepted their kosher symbol is, and how well your organization will fit with your kosher certification partner. After all, your customers want to see a kosher symbol, but your team (and ours) will be completing all the work needed to bring that kosher symbol to your packaging.

If you have questions about cost, timeline, kosher symbols or anything else related to kosher certification, get in touch. We don’t require an application fee and we’re happy to discuss the process before you apply.