To manufacture Kosher certified products, you need to use Kosher certified ingredients. Today we’ll discuss the process of certifying those ingredients. As you’ll see, the certification process is often quite simple. In fact, many ingredients are considered inherently Kosher.

Let’s use bread as our example. A basic bread recipe only has four ingredients: flour, water yeast and salt.

While the grain itself is generally recognized as Kosher, however any insect infestation would render the grain not Kosher. 

Water and salt are both natural products and are therefore generally recognized as Kosher as is.

Yeast is a living organism which needs to be grown. Any item made via fermentation, such as yeast, requires Kosher certification. This is because some of the ingredients used in the fermentation can be Kosher sensitive.

At times, other ingredients such as oils or additives can be used that would require that they be Kosher certified due to their sensitivity. The overall process of Kosher certification ensures that the bread is then manufactured in a manner, facility and on equipment that complies with Kosher standards. As part of our Kosher certification process, we will review all your raw materials and advise what ingredients are considered inherently Kosher as well as what ingredients will require a formal Kosher certificate from your suppliers.

If you have questions about Kosher ingredients or Kosher certification, please reach out. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, affordable and customer focused experience to help you understand and achieve Kosher certification for your company.