GMO foods are considered kosher by Orthodox Jewish law. That is to say that there is nothing within the ingredients of certified kosher GMO foods that would make them uniquely not kosher solely based on the Genetically Modified Organisms. Whether GMO foods are safe or cause for something we should be concerned about is another topic.

Most scientific authorities will say that there is not enough proof to determine if there are long-standing health risks, but one thing is for sure, within the health food industry- it is not something consumers want in their homes or on their plates. As the leading provider in kosher certification in the natural food industry, EarthKosher understands this loud and clear. Smaller health-conscious companies look to acquire the credentials they need to maintain the marketability they want. That is why we offer a Non- GMO / Kosher certification program, in addition to an independent non- GMO certification.

Is it a good idea to become certified in our joint kosher- non-GMO certification program? Let’s look a little further into this topic.

  • The GMO discussion is very prevalent in the natural food industry and health-conscious consumers. It is already mandatory to label foods containing GMO ingredients in many countries. According to an article published by Food Business News, all products containing GMOs in the United States will need proper labeling by 2022. Various companies are proactive and choose non-GMO certification to show how vital it is to their company and attract the health-minded consumer.
  • Non- GMO certified by EarthKosher offers an accessible, marketable, and affordable label to signify ‘cleaner’, consciousness, kosher ingredients. Bundling certifications means less stress searching for numerous agencies to fulfill your labeling needs and more peace of mind for the kosher consumer.
  • EarthKosher is well known for solid routine inspections of facilities and product ingredients. Non-GMO lab testing is an additional process that our rabbinic authorities are trained and qualified to facilitate.

Allow us to walk you through your kosher and non-GMO certification in a down-to-earth and affordable manner. To learn more about the joint certification programs, please reach out. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and are here to answer any questions you may have to get the process started!