There are hundreds of accepted kosher certification agencies to choose from worldwide, but are they all the same? There are kosher agencies on almost every continent. Let’s break down the differences and sift through some of the complexities and benefits of choosing the right fit for your company.

Local / Regional Kosher Agencies

Every state in the US has at least one local kosher certification available for companies or local products. These locally run certifications are often a good choice for small local restaurants, caterers, and bakeries looking for a simple solution for kosher consumers and customers within the community.

International Kosher Agencies

Many ‘big box’ US-based kosher agencies are the most visible when searching for kosher certification for your small to medium-size company. If you get in touch with the largest kosher agencies you may be surprised how long the timeline is between your initial call and certification. Being a small client of a big agency isn’t always a great fit.

Speeding up the timeline and keeping costs down are the two main reasons EarthKosher exists. If your goal is to have your voice heard, your budget met, and your brand values upheld it would be wise to look at smaller, reliable agencies.

The EarthKosher Difference

Specialized kosher certification agencies often have the most significant potential to meet your company’s needs. As an international kosher certification agency, we offer a streamlined and seamless experience to over 500 companies in 45+ countries worldwide. EarthKosher is the leading kosher certification agency within the natural and specialty food industry. We understand your vision because our mission is to provide efficient, accepted, and affordable kosher certification to both the natural and health industry as well as standard companies.

Miri Rotkovitz shares in her article, Guide to Kosher Symbols and Certifications

As interest in organic, vegan, and GMO-free foods grows, kosher consumers have begun to seek out these special designations, along with kosher certification. A handful of savvy certifiers, most notably EarthKosher … are now offering companion certifications to go with their kosher approvals.

(The Spruce Eats, August 2019)

Allow us to share our unique process and the highest standard in customer service. Our years of expertise in the natural product industry guarantees informative, affordable, and accepted kosher certification.