Kosher certification is one of the most prevalent certifications in the food industry today. A kosher trademark appears on approximately 40% of all products on the shelves of grocery stores in the USA. According to an article recently published in Food Dive, demand for kosher certification is far-reaching, way beyond the scope of Jewish dietary law consumers.

“While the seal signifies that items meet Jewish dietary laws, it increasingly represents purity, good practices, and trustworthiness to non-observant consumers.

Everyone sees it almost as a necessary point of entry to the market to have this certification”

-Jamie Geller, founder of KNI on FoodDive (Megan Poinski, Senior Reporter, Published April 13, 2022)

We believe that kosher certification doesn’t need to be complicated. We make your kosher certification process as seamless and down-to-earth as possible.

The EarthKosher Difference

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Other Joint Certifications Offered by the Agency (Vegan, Non- GMO, Paleo, and Halal)

Something that helps to expedite the kosher certification process significantly is gathering vital information and documents needed as soon as possible. We call this step one in our seven-step kosher certification process. Individual requirements may vary, but here is a list of the essentials required to discover the viability of your products becoming kosher and the cost of the annual certification:

  • The exact address of the facility/ processing plant.
  • The ingredient list of ALL products produced at the facility.
  • The kosher certification documents of all ingredients (your suppliers usually provide this).
  • Some ingredients, such as raw fruits and vegetables, do not need a certificate but may need to be checked for kosher viability.

Our Seven Step Process

Gather Information
Provide a Free Quote
Ingredient Documentation
Facility Inspection
Kosher Certificate

Get in touch to find out more about our speedy seven-step process for kosher certification and our other certification options. Join the 600+ companies worldwide who choose our exceptional rabbinical expertise, gold standard customer service, and affordable prices.