The EarthKosher kosher certification timeline begins with our seven-step process. Our rabbinical team’s years of combined knowledge allow for a seamless, swift, and informative experience. As the leader in providing kosher certification to the natural and specialty food industry, we constantly connect with inspiring prospective clients.

Step 1 Gather Information: Connecting on the phone or online is the first step of the process to gather essential information and determine the viability of your products (based on ingredients and facility) for kosher certification.

Step 2 Provide a Free Quote: We will provide a free, no-obligation quote and analysis of your kosher certification process.

Step 3 Ingredient Documentation: All the ingredients’ digital documentation is essential, confirming they are eligible for kosher certification.

Step 4 Contract: A kosher certification contract is drafted for review, approval, and signed by both parties.

Step 5 Payment: After kosher compliance approval of both ingredients and facility, the annual payment (and at times an additional one-time initial inspection fee is due).

Step 6 Facility Inspection: An onsite in-person initial inspection is almost always required to complete the kosher certification process. Short inspections continue on a company-by-company basis. They are included in the annual fee and are often unannounced. These specific attributes make kosher certification a transparent and sought-out certification by consumers and companies alike.

Step 7 Kosher Certificate: The final step of the process is receiving your kosher certificate and the EarthKosher symbol!

More companies than ever seek out kosher certification, and we would be honored to help you through this journey. Reach out today for a non-obligatory quote and conversation. Let’s get started!