Why should you choose EarthKosher for your Kosher Certification Service?

Kosher certification service can provide many benefits, including being a
At EarthKosher, we understand the value of kosher certification from a trusted agency. A marketing asset in increasing sales. For this reason, we spend little time “selling” people on kosher certification. Many companies come to us with various questions, including: Why should we get kosher certification? Can we afford kosher certification? Is it viable to be kosher certified? We understand that many businesses have questions about certification, so in order to help you along this process we’ve highlighted our answers to some common questions:

Why does EarthKosher consider the decision to get kosher certified a no brainer?

The answer to this question is simple.  There is a definable, significant, and growing multi-billion dollar market for kosher certified products in the United States, with an estimated double digit growth rate on an annual basis.

Why are consumers fueling the market for more kosher certified products?

The “market” this question touches upon is made up of millions of people from all over the world. It is not limited to Jewish people. The market includes: Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Vegetarians, Vegans, and people who are lactose intolerant (Kosher products that contain dairy or meat or are processed on equipment that processes dairy or meat are clearly labeled as such). According to a Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences study, only 20% of kosher consumers in the United States are Jewish. (Source: Value Added Marketing by Jeffrey Hyde Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics.) For some, kosher is a religious dietary requirement. For others, it’s a way of safeguarding their health or morality, based lifestyle choices. There is also a whole contingent of people who perceive kosher as more pure, safe, or blessed.

People who are committed to buying kosher will not buy a product if it’s not kosher certified. This explains why one market study showed that a kosher certified product will consistently outsell a competing brand by 20%. (Source: Integrated Marketing Communications.) With these dynamics in ever-increasing evolution for more than 50 years, there are now thousands of kosher products lining store shelves, with tens of thousands of certified kosher facilities around the world. In fact, according to a Mintel Research Organization study, kosher is the leading claim on new products. This exceeds other claims, such as natural, organic, and fair trade. (Source: Kosher & Trendy January 2009.) With these findings, it has become clear that products marked “kosher” are in demand.

Besides the increase in consumer demand for kosher certified products, many companies are often met with the insistence that what they produce or sell should be kosher certified. This suggestion can come from a broker, distributor, chain store buyer, food service establishment, another manufacturer, or the kosher consumer. At times, this request can be a sudden surprise to a company that there is a requirement for kosher certification. This unexpected circumstance is why EarthKosher focuses on rapid kosher certification services. This saves companies the need to risk a loss in sales due to waiting on certification.

Even with all of the findings on consumer spending habits, it is important to make sure that kosher certification makes sense for your company’s bottom line. At EarthKosher, we strive to make kosher certification affordable and offer a more pragmatic solution for companies to become kosher certified. For more information on our kosher certification, please call us at (888) 312-3559 or click here to schedule a free quote.