EarthKosher Offers Vegan Verification Program


Earth Kosher Vegan Verification Program

In addition to Kosher, Paleo and non-GMO certification, EarthKosher offers a Vegan Verification program. The standards for the Vegan Verification program are that a product contains no animal products or animal product derivatives whatsoever, i.e. “Zero Tolerance”.

EarthKosher is now pleased to announce a partnership with the Vegan Trade Council. The VTC is the trade association for the vegan industry. Their purpose is to provide a central voice for the vegan industry (to the press and to the public), to provide the vegan community with representation in government, and to promote all varieties of vegan products and services (by companies and individuals) in the marketplace.

EarthKosher Will Extend Its Kosher, Vegan and non-GMO Certification to VTC Members

EarthKosher Will extend Its Kosher, Vegan and non-GMO Certification to VTC members to enable them to add these certifications to their QA program.

What further distinguishes the EarthKosher Vegan Verified symbol is that EarthKosher actually inspects the companies under this program on an ongoing basis to insure that they strictly comply with Vegan standards. This approach in comparison to other modes of Vegan Certification which simply ask for a list of ingredients and based on this alone provide a Vegan Certification. EarthKosher believes that certification without verification is relatively meaningless and nothing more than a statement of intention and good will on the part of the company.

EarthKosher brings the same integrity and commitment to its Vegan Verification program as it does to its affordable and accepted Kosher certification programs. We are wholeheartedly committed that any company who markets itself as Vegan under our Vegan Verification program will in fact be so. EarthKosher is also committed to responsive customer service. Companies working within this program will have their certifications renewed in a timely manner and will receive responsive customer support.

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