A kosher symbol reflects that you are a kosher certified company.

“Kosher symbol” is the common term people think of when they are actually referring to a kosher certification symbol. Kosher symbols are a seal of authenticity that help consumers buy legitimate kosher products. A true kosher symbol is backed up by a respected kosher certification organization.

You might be able to get away with legally putting a “K” on your product if you feel that your product is kosher, but that would like be putting a “O” on you product if you feel that it is organic- it is not very effective nor is it necessarily true. True kosher symbols are much more than just a letter on your product.

With all the kosher certification organizations and their corresponding kosher symbols that are available to you, you might wonder if you need a PhD in Kosher symbology to do your due diligence.

Kosher Symbols – A Long Story Made Short

So what is a well-intentioned and pragmatic company to do when choosing a kosher certification symbol?

Well, there is good news – and there is bad news.

The good news is that you have a choice in pursuing kosher certification.

Don’t smile quite yet- the bad news?

Well the bad news is – you have about 1000 choices and about 1000  kosher certification organizations on a global basis to chose from who can provide you with a kosher symbol.

This can be a daunting task, and seem overwhelming at times. Here is some information you need to make an informed choice.

Basic Kosher Symbol Information

Kosher certification agencies and their corresponding federally trademarked kosher symbols can be differentiated as follows:

  • Size – Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge.
  • Acceptability – Generally accepted, Accepted on a product by product basis, and Not very well accepted.
  • Price – Affordable, Less expensive, More expensive, If you have to ask you cannot afford it.
  • Red Tape – Hardly any, Some but manageable, OMG
  • Speed – Like Lightening, Athletic, Slow but getting it (eventually) done, Like a Sumo wrestler walking across the country without a cell phone.
  • Follow Up – Exceptional, Responsive, Slow, The Messiah may turn out to actually come first.
  • Expertise – Competent, Really knows what they are talking about and doing and can find vital solutions, Rabbinic form of don’t ask- don’t tell sort of.

Straight Talk On Kosher Symbols

In general it’s not so important that you work with the largest kosher certification organization. There are many kosher certification organizations and kosher symbols that are very well regarded and accepted that are small, medium and large. If money actually means something to you then it would be wise to get the most affordable Kosher certification fee you can. This is important because kosher certification is an annual fee – and there are good choices available to you for reasonable fees. I never met a company executive who enjoyed paying expensive application fees, relished filling out lengthy paperwork and prized the significant lag time in between mailing in such an application or documentation and getting a response. What further, it doesn’t make much sense to use a kosher certification organization in Australia if your facility is in Paraguay.

Time is important larger agencies often take a lot of time to get things done.

While right now you just want to add a kosher symbol on your product – you may also eventually want to add new products to your kosher certificate, or to have a new private label company that you would need to add.

This is best done rapidly and without hassle.

In addition, you will want your kosher certification renewed in a timely manner. So responsiveness on the part of the Kosher certification organization is very important.

You often might need a rabbinic expert who knows enough to find innovative solutions – and who has access to what is accepted practice and standards. You may also need a kosher certifier who has enough clout to do what they think is right.

Though there are many kosher certifiers out there, professionals like these are not a dime a dozen.

So while we cannot spell it out for you and analyze each agency, using these guidelines you can utilize them to educate yourself. These guidelines can help you in deciding where to obtain your own kosher symbol.

[box]How EarthKosher Can Help You Get Your Own Kosher Certification Symbol[/box]

EarthKosher offers a free and rapid quote and analysis with no obligation.

We take you through the process as much as possible before you pay a penny so that you get to know our manner or working and feel confident in who you are working with and what we are doing.

We don’t want to get paid or cost you anything unless we can deliver a kosher symbol and kosher certification that is top notch in integrity, value and process.

We certify over 350 companies in 20+ countries and growing and we have an impeccable reputation.


Remember, there is no obligation, and we are here to help you find the best way to get your own kosher certification symbol. We look forward to hearing from you today.