kosher trade show Certification If you are in the specialty food market then trade shows are a great way to develop new distribution opportunities and increase sales.

As a kosher certification organization, we certify many kosher products for our clients who utilize trade shows like Natural Products Expo West, Natural Products Expo East, NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show, and NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show.

If you are considering going to a specialty foods trade show you should know that it is highly advisable to have kosher certification in place prior to attendance.

At EarthKosher our strength is in helping you get everything you need to be prepared and have a proper and respected kosher certification for your products before you actually attend any important industry trade show.

We have helped many companies who have used trade shows like Natural Products Expo East or NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show with great success.

We find our clients are successful at these trade shows, in part, because of their prior commitment to having a well respected and professional kosher certification on their products – all ready to go before they arrive at the show.


Shows like NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show and Natural Products Expo East draw kosher consumers, buyers and retailers from the densely Jewish populated states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland areas.

These trade shows draw additional representation from adjacent states – which, while not as densely populated, still have sizeable Jewish communities with highly committed kosher consumers who require that the products they consume have Kosher certification.


One should also not underestimate the value of becoming kosher certified for shows like Natural Products Expo West and NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show, typically held on the West Coast of the United States.

California has a huge kosher consumer base with Los Angeles, San Diego, the entire Bay Area, and everywhere in between. Trade shows like Expo West and Winter Fancy Food Show also draw large contingents of kosher buyers, distributors and retailers from all over the US where the requirement for your product having Kosher certification will make itself apparent.

Many of the attendees of these trade shows live in areas that have sizeable kosher markets we encourage you to check and see if your competitors already have Kosher certification do not be surprised if they do.

In general the largest Jewish communities are in the largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Pittsburgh etc….


Kosher certification does not have to be tedious, lengthy and expensive.

Give your company a chance at a definable, reliable and increasing kosher market with a free quote and analysis from EarthKosher.

You might be very surprised at how affordable, fast and simple Kosher certification can really can be.

When you do attend trade shows like NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show, NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show, Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East you will undoubtedly find that your competitors are virtually all Kosher certified!

EarthKosher helps start-up companies and small companies benefit from kosher certification while they are still very much in their infancy, thus increasing their sales and the growth of the company.

Many distributors, retailers, and chain stores who will find your product at popular trade shows will want your product Kosher, so give us a call and let’s see what we can do for your company.

If you plan on attending any of the specialty food trade shows, like Expo West, NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show, or Winter Fancy Food Show let us get you kosher certified with your own kosher symbol, so you can make the biggest impact.

We have certified over 350 companies in 20+ countries  and growing and we have an impeccable reputation.

Remember, there is no obligation, and we are here to help you find the best way to get your own kosher certification symbol and certificate. We look forward to hearing from you today.