The Delicious Days of Summer

Imagine on one of these hot summer days discovering one of the most deliciously hand-crafted, ultra-premium kosher certified ice creams. Moorenko’s Ice cream was founded in 2002 by Susan Soorenko, and received kosher certification from the EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency in 2013.

“Susan’s inspired ice cream is handcrafted with love. Moorenko’s is made with pride in Silver Spring, MD with only the highest quality hormone free dairy from small family Pennsylvania creameries. Susan and her sons ensure the highest quality by making the ice cream in small batches and have developed a wide variety of flavors to satisfy palates ranging from simple to complex – from developing to sophisticated”.

Moorenko’s Ice cream is made in carefully monitored small batches, made without vats, pipes or conveyer belts. Now that’s a hands-on ice cream making experience EarthKosher can feel proud to kosher certify!

EarthKosher  prides itself on being a kosher certification agency that provides small grass-roots, companies with affordable, friendly and supportive service.

It’s All in a Name

It was on a family vacation that Susan took with her two sons one summer.  They found themselves tasting small- batch ice cream that her boys couldn’t live without!  So after much learning and researching, she developed her own ice cream company!  Now that’s true mother love… But what about the name?

She spent weeks batting around name ideas consulting with her sons, her friends, clairvoyants at the mall – essentially anyone who would listen. The trademark lawyers were on speed dial and the phrase “what’s the new name now, Susan?” was a daily utterance in their office.

“How about ‘The Cow’?” She asked.
They said that one was taken.
“The Dairy Cow? The Cow’s Cone? Cow Pies?”
“Taken. Taken. And gross!”

To be perfectly overly dramatic, it was soul crushing. But it was over dinner with Susan’s brother and his family where inspiration struck. At that dinner, Erin, Susan’s then 9-year-old niece, spoke up: “You should name it after us and call it Mooooorenko’s.” An awe-inspired silence came over the table. A speed dial call to the lawyers, and Moorenko’s Ice Cream was born.

The rest, as they say, is history.